Monday, March 3, 2008

What were we thinking??

Putting a blog in my hand is like handing Al Capone an AK-47. It's very dangerous! Now I've got to take the laptop on our trip, don't I? More STUFF!

All the stuff ..... things we "have" to have.....traveling across the country. Well, at least we persuaded the Bookworm to leave Penny at home! My bedroom looks like Wal-Mart exploded. Clothes everywhere; getting sheets & essentials for the new motor home. I did find out something neat, though. I went to and found out where you can buy cheap gas or diesel fuel. I think they have a site for every state.

Our bookworm will miss the Cotillion dance on Friday night. I'm sad, but she is ELATED! I've never seen any one human being hate something so very much. She is worried sick about the dogs while we're gone. Esther the kitty is very low maintenance and is indoors all the time.

One other thing - we're bricking the house in the next couple of weeks. Something else to supervise. The front has always been bricked and hubby has always had a bee in his bonnet to brick the other 3 sides. So with brick prices down, we're going to get it over with. But I've made hubby dearest promise that this is our "feet-first" house - the only way I'll leave is feet first, straight to the cemetery!

I'd love to get the girls' bedrooms re-painted and hardwood floors installed. Then we want to ceramic tile the basement (replacing lineoleum - which is, by the way, indestructible) know the drill. You're never done. I started a load of laundry yesterday afternoon and the washer wouldn't start. My heart was in my throat......oh, no! Please last another 14 years.....! Just a blown breaker, thankfully.

Our baseball king was drafted FIRST in the minor league draft for Park & Rec baseball. We're very proud. The Diva is playing soccer again this spring, and Scooter will southpaw some T-Ball come next month. That should be cute.

Oh, well, I REALLY need to be doing something else, but I can see that this is addictive. Better close & go pick up Scooter at preschool.


Belle-ah said...

It is addicting! I gave you a shout out over on Southern Somedays. (((hugs)))

Now, keep us updated on how long it takes before you are talking to your kiddos in "that" voice...will it be before the CA state line???? Bless Larry's heart!!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Hi! Just popping over from Belle-ah's blog. Welcome to blogging! Yes, it can be addictive (I have been doing it for more than two years...yikes.) :)