Monday, March 3, 2008

On the road again

I can't believe that we're actually leaving on Wednesday for Burbank, California. We found a great deal on a Gulfstream "C" class motor home, so the logical thing to do was to just fly out there and get it. And, since we're out there, we may as well go to Disneyland, right? And since we're going to be driving it home (a mere 2800 miles or so), we may as well drop by the Grand Canyon to see how grand it really is, right? And I've always wanted to see the Alamo, and San Antonio is beautiful this time of year........!

You get the picture. All 6 of us (yes, all 6 of us) are boarding a plane in Atlanta on Wednesday morning (at what Married daughter would call the butt-crack of dawn) and flying to beautiful Burbank, California. We'll visit Disneyland on Thursday, head over to the big hole in the ground (a/k/a the Grand Canyon) on Friday/Saturday, then mosey on over to the Alamo. The baseball king is planning on wearing his Texas hat in Texas and his Reggie Bush jersey in California!

I'm trying to plot out the trip while schooling, doing laundry, working some and making a list and checking it twice.

We're so excited about the motor home, but part of me is already missing our travel trailer! We had some good trips in it. These pictures are from our trip to Key West in January.


Belle-ah said...

You know what I say..."better you than me!" LOL

Rebecca said...

What fun! I know this will be a fantastic trip for your family.

P.S. I love the keys! One of my fav places on earth. We have pictures from the southern most point too.