Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Did San Antonio survive the invasion?

Let's see.....Tuesday and Wednesday nights we actually stayed in the same place. We enjoyed San Antonio, TX at the Admiralty RV Park near Sea World. We have decided that San Antonio is one of our favorite places. We are going to try to come back sometime in the next year or so to visit Sea World, go to a minor league baseball game, visit the Riverwalk again, and do other things.

We took the bus near the RV park to downtown and went to the Alamo. First, we went to the large Riverwalk Mall in the downtown area to the IMAX theater and saw a film about the Alamo. I didn't realize all the details about the battle - that the 13 days of the siege gave precious time for the army to build elsewhere and eventually defeat Santa Ana's army.

Then we went to the Alamo itself. It is much smaller than you envision, and surrounded by tall, modern buildings. The Alamo is treated as a sacred shrine. Guards ask men entering the building to remove their hats, no photographs are allowed, and people talk in hushed tones. There are many artifacts there from the time period, including items belonging to David Crockett, Jim Bowie and the army commander Lt. Travis. I was proud to see that there were 15 Kentuckians who fought there for the freedom of Texas. Lots of Irishmen, too, but then I've always known that we Irish love both a good fight and a lost cause!

We enjoyed a boat ride down the famous Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. The river meanders through the city and provides a cool respite from the city's heat in the summetime. Many shops & restaurants line the river, with bistro tables right at the water's edge for a romantic meal. *Sigh* maybe someday without 4 kids???

Then we headed to Mi Tierra, a Mexican cafe and bakery in the Market Square area of San Antonio. We had a great meal, and I got two of the biggest pecan pralines I've ever seen! Caramel fudge, too. Oh, well, diet tomorrow, right? There was a marahachi band serenading the patrons, and they even sang "La Bamba"!
After we left the restaurant, I got turned around and we started walking in the wrong direction. For once, my dear husband's keen sense of direction based upon his superior hunting and gathering skills failed us. We walked and walked, and it was getting closer to when we would miss the last bus out to our campground. There were some rough looking characters, and I began to pray......"Lord, keep us safe, help us find our way and send your angels to guard us". No more than a minute or two later, a trolley driver pulled up beside us and offered to take us where we needed to go. When we arrived at the bus stop there were four transit police cars there with lights blazing! They sure looked like angels to me. I told hubby that sometimes I forget what a big God we serve. We finally made it back to the campground safely; what a great day in a wonderful city. Everyone there was so courteous, nice and it was a very clean city. We were surprised at the number of tourists.

We left San Antonio this morning and started out I-10. I drove for several hours, through Houston, road construction and busy traffic. I told hubby dear that if I could drive the RV through that, I could drive it anywhere and he agreed!

We are spending the night near Biloxi, Mississippi and expect to be in Bulldawg country sometime late tomorrow, depending upon how late we sleep! I don't know if we'd do a trip of this magnitude in such a short period of time ever again, but I'm sure glad we did. I think it's something like 2200 miles in 6-1/2 days!

Oh - today I read "Even Now" by Karen Kingsbury. Now I'm hooked! So many of my friends have told me what a great author she is and I was almost afraid to try her, knowing I'd love her and have to read everything she's written....well, I was right. Where's the closest bookstore??


Sandy said...

Judy, thanks for sharing this.
How wonderful for all of you!
Keep making these memories, they last forever...(I traveled like this w/ my family growing up..
Some bad, mostly great times!!Lots and lots of memories.)
PS Let me know next time, I will be glad to help you guys anytime..
Especially if it means getting Scooter and Pinky Toes(that story is priceless) and everybody else.!

Judy said...

Scooter is demanding that I remove his pinky-toed picture from the blog! I think he'll live through it, 'cause it's just too hilarious! Thanks for dropping by!

southerninspiration said...

Oh, so glad you found Mi Tierra.....yummy, huh? And the God taking care of you story is pretty cool! Come back to TX anytime!!! Fun to hear about your adventures!!