Monday, March 17, 2008


What a weekend! We are in the middle (actually not really started with the actual brick-laying part - just getting ready) of bricking the house, and the contractor has removed the gutters & downspouts from the drains that ever so carefully direct the water AWAY from the house. Needless to say, we had a gully-washer here on Saturday afternoon, and the new brick ledges that have been built did a very efficient job of directing the water INTO the basement. It was, of course, tinged with red mud, so we had a real mess on our hands. The baseball baron was already scheduled to spend the night with a friend, and the sympathetic mom offered to take Scooter off my hands too while I finished (with tremendous help from neighbors and my brother in law) vacuuming up the water, mopping the floor, etc. Anyway, I suddenly realized that Scooter had been subjected to beauty-party play the day before. Which means, our babysitter, the Diva and the Bookworm had been painting finger and toe nails. Well, they decided (actually I'm not sure who decided) that Scooter should join in on the fun. Yes, you've guessed it, Scooter had pink finger and toe nails. Before he left to spend the night and go to their church on Sunday, we quickly removed the finger nail polish, thinking he would have on shoes and socks at church.

Sunday afternoon was clear and bright, just the perfect weather for kids to play outside. And what do kids enjoy more than playing in the mud? And that's exactly where they headed as soon as they got home. So when it was time to leave for AWANA, much scurrying around & changing of clothes had to be done. After quick spit baths and rubbing with damp washcloths, I thought everyone was reasonably clean.......well, I was wrong!

At church later that evening, I ran into one of Scooter's teachers who was looking for me. They had removed all the kids' shoes in order to make a project with their foot prints. When they took off Scooter's shoes, they realized his socks were soaked (because his shoes were soaked - I hadn't realized that, just knew that his pants and socks were covered in mud and wet). Not only did he have on big brother's socks which were about 8 sizes too big, they saw his PINKY-TOES! We all laughed and laughed, and I was grateful that the women in his AWANA class knew us well, and best of all, have children of their own. Although to fully appreciate the situation, I feel that you would need to have multiple children and at least one boy (and a neighbor boy, too).
I guess this evening when I cut the boys' hair, I will also remove some pinky-toenail polish as well.


Belle-ah said...

LOLOL....well, at least you gave them something to talk about! Happy Easter, dear friend.

southerninspiration said...

hahaha......cute little toesies.


the one in charge! said...

Just so you know... those toes were a great find for me! I love your Scooter!