Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Here we are! Wait a minute....where are we??

Hubby dearest said tonight, "just think, we're in a Holiday Inn in Burbank, California"....and I said, "but that's not nearly as strange as hearing "just think, we're in a Marriott Grand Marquis Hotel in Moscow, Russia". Two places I guess he never expected to go. As for me, I expect to go to the unexpected. Life's easier then, I think.

We left home this morning at 4:45 a.m. Yes ..... 4:45 a.m.! I don't get up that early for much of anything. The only hitch at the airport was that dearest hubby had forgotten his drivers license. I didn't think he'd be able to board the plane, but luckily, he didn't wear his turban this morning and I was attired in something besides my burkha. So they let him on after seeing his exasperated wife and four fitful children. I guess he didn't fit the terrorist profile after all. (his secretary is Fed Exing his license and we should have it tomorrow.) We made it to the airport in plenty of time, had the first long leg of a flight to Phoenix, then barely made our connecting flight. If I hadn't thrown some granola bars in a backpack at the last minute, we wouldn't have had anything to eat. Hubby dear was truly suffering with hunger. If you don't know him, you don't get the sarcasm there. Yes, heis the one husband in the world who had to stop not once but TWICE at convenience stores to get something to eat with me in the car in LABOR on the way to the hospital. His daily schedule revolves around the need to feed.

Anyway, we made it to Burbank fine and the joke is accurate about beautiful downtown Burbank (it's not - beautiful, that is). We are staying near the Nickalodeon (sp?) studios (no, kids, we can't go there if we're going to Disney), not far from the "HOLLYWOOD" sign. I told the kids this was no big deal as you can drive up Highway 365 and go through Hollywood (Ga.) anytime you want. They didn't seem to understand.

Anyway, we toured the motor home and had our orientation. Hubby took it for a test spin around the block and said it wasn't going to be nearly as hard to get used to as he thought. It's a used 2007 model that looks to suit our needs for the next several years. We'll pick it up on Friday and start the eastward journey, meandering through the Southwest as we study geography, weather & climate, history, topography, math (miles and fuel milage) as well as lots of other stuff.

So.....tomorrow ...... [drum roll, please] ..... DISNEYLAND! Maybe tomorrow or Friday I'll have some photos to add. It's late and I'm too pooped to pop.

Oh - reading a wonderful book by Kay Warren (wife of Rick Warren "the purpose driven life" guy) called ..oh shoot, it's in the car. Anyway, I think it's called something like Desperate Surrender or something along those lines. Surrendering our ALL to Jesus and letting Him use us in every way for His good purpose. Thought-provoking and convicting. I'm sure it's available in a bookstore near you.


Belle-ah said...

MR. Larry...what were you thinking???

Judy said...

Jessica couldn't believe that they let him on the plane. Neither could I, really. Just dumb luck and an innocent face (on Larry, that is). I guess he was thinking about the RV trip from you-know-where that he was facing and not about what was in his wallet ... or not!