Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've been hacked!

Hey mom - its jess and i hacked your blog! (haha)

Just wanted to say happy birthday!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where did the summer go?

I hate the early school starting dates. Funny thing is, we homeschool, so we don't adhere to the "school calendar"....but inevitably find ourselves impacted by it at church, in traffic, shopping, etc. We don't have a huge need to buy school supplies right now, but if I don't buy while cheap - it will be 10X more expensive later (if you can find it)! Kickoff tonight at church for children's choir - it's only July 29th!! I remember that I NEVER went to school on my birthday (Aug 26th) until my freshman year in college. To this day, I have a tinge of regret that it's not a more widely recognized holiday. LOL We don't even close the pool until mid-late September. (somebody please tell me if I'm sounding like Andy Rooney)

Trips to the beach, camping, spent the last month agonizing over my oldest daughter's bicycle accident injuries (riding her bike in Philadelphia & hit by a car). Trying to keep a much-too-big house clean with 4 kids, 2 dogs and a cat chasing behind me, messing as they go. Grieving over a dog that had to be given away; wounded over a heart-breaking church situation.

BUT - seeing Stephen catch a fish all by himself. Watching Catherine swim lap after lap at swim team and slowly pull ahead of the others. The "ping" of the bat when Sam hits a ball; the snap of the glove when Larry catches a hard strike thrown by Sam. Observing a brown spider make her way up her web between the porch railing and roof line. Planting flowers; cross-stich; listening to Cat and Hannah laboriously practice their piano and then hear it all come together. Floating in the ocean, holding hands with my husband. Watching the Braves win......and lose. Cuddling with a fat, wriggling puppy. Gently cradling an elderly little dog, who gazes into my eyes, her dark expressive eyes emoting love, care, and devotion.

Preparing now for the school year with the same enthusiasm as always. Moving books to the right shelves, clearing out paper & junk on desks; deciding which furniture to move out or just rearrange. Figuring out how we'll juggle kindergarten, 3rd, 5th and 8th grades in the same room. God will help us through it, I know!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring in the Summer

Boy, that scientifically-verified global warming is about to get me down. low of 43 degrees tonight and a high of 69 tomorrow. Our pool is hovering at about 66 degrees, which is not warm enough to bask and not cold enough to enjoy slushies. The rain is a blessing, one I predict we'll be praying for in late August.

So many things going on with the kids. The Bookworm had a chorus recital and a band concert, so we are finished until August. Soccer is finished, so we only have two involved in sports - baseball for both boys. Scooter hits from both sides of the plate and has a good throwing arm. Of course, if you'd spent all your life throwing things at the DIVA for your own personal protection, your aim would good as well. The Children's group at church (the DIVA is a member) had a great spring production with lots of summer fun and songs. She enjoyed being in it.

The last weekend in April, we went on a wonderful camping trip with the Homschool group at church. Several families and lots (LOTS) of children. Kept busy all week end just being kids.

General fatigue and malaise has set in, I'm afraid. I need to exercise both my body and my mind. The new weenie dog, Daisy, has everyone on edge. Her name, "oopsy, daisy, doodle" give somewhat a clue as to what her bathroom habits are. First, she doodles, then it's an "oopsy" from me as well as the threat. It takes forever to housetrain a miniature daudhsand!

I'll try to add some photos soon. My tylenol is sinking in .................*snore**

Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009? already????

Boy, have I been neglectful. We've had a busy, busy winter here. No snow, unfortunately..... sure do wish we'd get about 6 inches (settle down now - it would be gone in a day or two)!

Let's see - Thanksgiving. My dearest husband's favorite holiday; I think it has something to do with the fact that you don't have to decorate, buy gifts, or wear new clothing. Seriously, we have a lot to be thankful for........

We discovered in the fall that the baseball baron has a muscular problem with his eye muscles. (have I already posted about this? they say the memory is the first to go and I don't remember what the second thing is). They (his eyes) are weak and do not work together properly. He has tracking problems, focusing problems, and does not see spaces between letters or words. Fortunately, we have found a wonderful vision therapist in Marietta (about 1-1/2 hours away) that is working with him and doing a fantastic job. We want his reading to improve and he just wants to hit the baseball better! Hopefully, both goals will be achieved. Meanwhile, we have to drive there once a week until probably October or so. In conjunction with that therapy, he is also taking reading therapy which helps him to see the words better. That's in Clarkesville, a little town about 40 minutes from us ----- which leads us to another THANKFUL!

On December 22nd, we were involved in a head-on collision. Me and all 4 of the kiddos. Blessings upon blessings, no one was injured save for bumps, bruises (on me - very interesting shades of black, blue, yellow, purple and green) and a serious case of the jitters. I kept finding new bruises for several weeks.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas - someone said "guess you'll have a lousy Christmas" after the wreck. On the contrary, were were so very blessed to be together and healthy - celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior. After purchasing a replacement vehicle, we went ahead to Orlando to see our wonderful, beloved, talented, extraordinary BULLDAWGS play in their bowl game. We got to see the Citrus Bowl parade, spend some time with dear friends at their lovely home, and generally have a low-key trip. I'll have to add some photos of the trip.

The baseball dude has been playing basketball all this winter, and we've enjoyed the games immensely. He's playing in a tournament now, and the games will come to an end next week ---- just in time for BASEBALL season. Actually, baseball season never really ends around here. He is playing with a new travel team and they've been practicing twice a week all winter long.

But what's funny is that Scooter will be trying out soon for coach pitch baseball! He's so very small, but he's an absolute machine when it comes to hitting the baseball. He's already learning to switch hit (he's just 5!).

There's something about baseball. Carrying a chair in your car for months; having to take a cooler of gatorade and diet pepsi to every single game (and that means snacks for everyone, of course); the chill of the beginning of spring season and the end of fall season; the "ding" of the bat as it connects to the ball; cheering on the team until you're hoarse; watching the siblings play on the playground (go play, kid, so I can watch the game); seeing all the dogs and puppies at the ball field; the deep red of the Georgia clay on the baselines and pitcher's mound; the electric green grass on a bright summer's day. Baseball is everything that is good and right in this world. Plus, you play it on a diamond, so it can't be bad, right? But there I go again, chasing a rabbit.

Let's see - both boys start baseball within two weeks, the Diva will be gearing up for soccer soon, and the Bookworm has been taking dog obedience training classes for the black lab. Add in chorus for both, band for the bookworm (along with drum lessons), and we're always pretty busy. Oh - and we manage to fit in some pretty rigorous school work, too.

Believe it or not, we've added a new member to the family. Oh, no, you scream! Not another baby, please say it ain't so......! Well, this is a four legged baby. Black with red trim. Another miniature dachshund. She's our little Daisy, and it's amazing how a 1.8 pound creature can disrupt an entire household! But just like a human baby, she's so adorable and cute that you overlook the mess.

Are we caught up yet? I'll scoot back soon to add some pictures to this rambling mess of a post. Sometimes I feel like we're sitting on the porch, having a long conversation over a tall glass of sweet iced tea. Come to think of it, just come on over and I'll pour you a glass, too!