Friday, May 30, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame!

We've been spending a lot of time at various ballparks, including Scooter's T-Ball park and the baseball king's park (where Scooter had the unfortunate incident on the monkey bars). Last Saturday's game found Sam leading off the first inning with a home run! He later added to his hit parade with a double. Unfortunately, we lost the game. Nearly all our players this year are new to this team and to this level of play. But.....just wait 'til next year! We've got some players with hustle and talent and we'll be in the running next year.
Last Sunday we had a real treat - we saw the Arizona Diamondbacks play at Turner Field in Atlanta. One of Sam's heros - Micah Owings - pitched for Arizona and won the game. We got some strange looks - wearing our Braves paraphanila and hollering for Micah to win! We had great seats on the Terrace level and by the 2 inning or so were enjoying the shade while the folks below us were broiling in the hot sun. Weird to think that when Tom Glavine was first pitching for the Braves back in the 90's, Micah was probably in middle school or so!

I got to see Glenn Hubbard *sigh* the best 2nd baseman to ever play the game in my opinion..... well, o.k., it's a biased opinion when you consider the Cardinal's Ozzie Smith, etc., but how about the best 2nd baseman for the Braves in the modern era?? We splurged on a program and I've enjoyed reading all the articles about the Braves staff and front office. I noticed something that I thought was pretty cool - they included the pictures and names of the secretarys, admin assistants, HVAC technicians, plumbers, etc., everyone who makes Turner Field work! What a great recognition that without all of the "little people", no one could come and see Chipper hit a long one or see Franceour make a spendid diving catch for the last out.

The kids were thrilled when I was asked to participate in a contest in the middle of an inning - guess the headline, I think it was. I had a 50-50 chance of getting it right and winning a $50 Braves gift card......but it was not to be! Oh well, we got a goodie bag with a foam tomahawk, a bumper sticker, a T-Shirt and a cap.

We were fortunate that the Diva and Scooter were able to spend the day with friends at the church Memorial Day picnic and at their home. We were able to get to the ballpark early, watch batting practice, get autographs, etc. Oh - Matt Diaz was kind enough to autograph a baseball for both the Bookworm and the baseball baron. Then, two games later, he was dreadfully injured valiently trying to make a play in Milwaukee's stadium. Pray for him - he may be out 6 weeks or so. Underneath his autograph, he penned "Phil 1:6".

But I guess the biggest thrill of all for Sam was that Micah had asked his sweet sister, Abby, to give Sam a Diamondbacks T-Shirt, which Micah autographed after the game. Wonderful family and we're so proud of them all - I think Micah and his brothers would all agree that they owe all their success to the Lord and to their supportive family.

What a great day for the Bookworm's first-ever Braves game at Turner Field! We've been to many minor league games and are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Gwinnett Braves next year, but this was her first big league game and was enjoyed greatly by all.
So, just take me out to the ballgame anytime at all!


Belle-ah said...

Too cute! Next time I am sending you and DH -- what a mess ya'll would be!!!

Jessica said...

are the braves leaving Rome??? That would be a tragedy for Rome and Shorter - a ton of students do internships there...