Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't ever, ever ask what can happen next!!!!

I guess with four young kids at home, it's inevitable - the trips to the doctor, quick care or the emergency room. It all started out last week with the diva having a bicycle wreck. A bad one. Without her helmet - which we have scolded and scolded - fortunately not hurting her head, but experiencing some terrible "road rash". Well, when I was young, we just put cream on it and went our merry way. But she was so pitiful - the bandages sticking to the wounds. Well, I had the bright idea of putting liquid bandage on it. WRONG! At the pediatrician yesterday, we had to soak down all the five huge wounds with saline and the nurses had to pick it off with tweezers. But the prescription cream the doc gave us is a miracle! The wounds look better even this morning, and we're back to the old-fashioned tape and gauze.

So anyway, she's on the road to recovery, right? After Scooter's last T-Ball game of the season yesterday (during which he hit several line drives - but who's bragging?), we were all at the ballpark for 1st son's baseball game. The baseball baron went 3 for 4 with a couple of good put outs at second, but lo and behold, during the game, a friend brought to me a weeping Scooter. He had attempted the monkey bars (at 4-1/2 with his short little legs), fallen and was in pain. We iced it down and decided that it was just a bad sprain. Back in the day, if the bone wasn't protruding, you just "suck it up" and go on. At least that's how we did it - you just didn't go to the doctor unless things were really, really bad. But I was concerned this morning when Scooter was still crying and complaining. All the way to the quick care, I was thinking "what a waste of time; the kid's fine". Shows you how much I know - poor kid's right wrist (thank goodness he's a lefty) is broken in two places. At least it's the greenstick fracture - the bone doesn't need to be moved. We'll go back for his case this afternoon. When asked what color cast he wants, he firmly stated "red and black". I was so proud! Pictures to come later!!

This isn't his first close encounter with the monkey bars. About a year ago, while at church, he fell off the playground and split his tongue. Right down the middle. When he stuck it out, it FORKED! They couldn't stitch it or anything; just a week or so with soft foods. We teased that "when Scooter speak, he speak with forked tongue". It looked like a snake's tongue. But it's all healed up now - let's pray his arm heals just as thoroughly.

So my advice to you is to never, ever, ever ask what can happen next. Sure as shootin', it will!


Belle-ah said...

I am just glad they could do a water proofed cast!!! THAT takes care of a lot of the next few weeks fussing!

Now, y'all be safe, ya hear????

the one in charge! said...

Rufie made Scooter a card this week. We missed him tonight when I remembered to bring it. Maybe the USPS will come through for her. :)
Give him a big squeezie hug from us.

Belle-ah said...

OK...come on over and see my new "digs"!