Thursday, July 3, 2008

Camping in Paradise (well, sort of)

We just returned from camping at Moccasin Creek State Park near Clayton, Ga. Called the park where "spring spends the summer", we awoke to temperatures in the low 50's over the past couple of mornings. Real blanket-sleepin' weather! The kids fished, caught turtles, rode bikes, played on the playground and just generally ran amuck. There were a couple of hectic days for me, including three loads of laundry one morning (actually kind of a slow laundry day for me), and the days I fed 8 kids for lunch. Needless to say, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were the haute-cusine in our motor home! One night, we were blessed to receive supper from friends. They had made a low-country boil and shared their excess with us. We ate until we were miserable! Good eatin'!

We rented a pontoon boat one day and I must say that my dear husband had the biggest grin on his face while cutting doughnuts in the lake, pulling the kids on a tube. For most of the trip, we not only had our four kids, but two of them had that was 6 kids. Although not huge, we did have plenty of room for everyone to sleep. The hardest thing was getting all of them to settle down for the night. There's too much to do - lightnin' bugs to catch, baseballs to hit, kids to chase, bikes to ride. The kids enjoyed just messing around each and every day.

We did manage to spend an hour or two at the "sliding rocks" near the campground. The water was ice-cold, but the Diva (our daredevil) went down at least 20 times! Always eager for more, that's her in a nutshell. The bookworm didn't even go down once, and the baseball baron managed one trip. Scooter declined as well, but our friends enjoyed themselves immensely.

One of the neat things about the campground is that it is adjacent to the Lake Burton fish hatchery. Baby fish are then released into the creek, where only children 11 years and under, or senior citizens are allowed to fish. The baseball baron and the bookworm caught several; it being the bookworm's first fish, it had to be immortalized in print.

We somehow manage to meet the nicest people while camping. Our across the street neighbors were ex-patriate bulldawgs from Florida. Great couple & we hope to camp near them again. We also ran into some folks from our church....what a small world! Their kids provided more entertainment, which allowed me some grown-up talking time (which is always sorely needed).
We're busy planning our next camping trip. Until then........ta ta for now!

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Belle-ah said...

I am glad y'all had a good trip! We drove by there on our way around the lake and DD and I thought about yelling your name over and over as we drove around but then thought you might not appreciate that! (((hugs)))