Thursday, July 3, 2008

She's still my baby!

We enjoyed a great visit with Ca-Ca in mid-June. We didn't do a whole lot - hung out at the pool, ate out a few times....but it was wonderful just spending time with her. I'm hoping to go visit her later this summer in Philly BY MYSELF!! It may not work out with her schedule or her husband's schedule, but it's nice to dream **sigh**.

She's doing a great job and is very busy at the college where she's on staff as the campus activities director. I just wish that she was a little closer; I guess my mother thought the very same thing when I left Kentucky for good and moved to Georgia. At least I was just a 7 hour drive, not 14 hours!

I offered to take her camping, but she declined. In retrospect, it does seem like a stretch for her to be spending her time in a lounge chair in the middle of nowhere. She's turned into a city girl, but I remember when she used to go with me to the farm in Kentucky as a little bitty girl. She enjoyed feeding the chickens and riding on the tractor with my dad.
She'll turn 26 in August, but for me, she'll always be my baby. I'm proud of you, sweetheart!

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