Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring in the Summer

Boy, that scientifically-verified global warming is about to get me down. low of 43 degrees tonight and a high of 69 tomorrow. Our pool is hovering at about 66 degrees, which is not warm enough to bask and not cold enough to enjoy slushies. The rain is a blessing, one I predict we'll be praying for in late August.

So many things going on with the kids. The Bookworm had a chorus recital and a band concert, so we are finished until August. Soccer is finished, so we only have two involved in sports - baseball for both boys. Scooter hits from both sides of the plate and has a good throwing arm. Of course, if you'd spent all your life throwing things at the DIVA for your own personal protection, your aim would good as well. The Children's group at church (the DIVA is a member) had a great spring production with lots of summer fun and songs. She enjoyed being in it.

The last weekend in April, we went on a wonderful camping trip with the Homschool group at church. Several families and lots (LOTS) of children. Kept busy all week end just being kids.

General fatigue and malaise has set in, I'm afraid. I need to exercise both my body and my mind. The new weenie dog, Daisy, has everyone on edge. Her name, "oopsy, daisy, doodle" give somewhat a clue as to what her bathroom habits are. First, she doodles, then it's an "oopsy" from me as well as the threat. It takes forever to housetrain a miniature daudhsand!

I'll try to add some photos soon. My tylenol is sinking in .................*snore**

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