Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Training camp? Hot, but fun!

We did something different this morning -- visited the Falcon's Training Camp in Flowery Branch! As we were driving down, I thought how we are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful facility and the home of the Atlanta Falcons right here in Hall County, Georgia.

Thankfully, it was in the morning and we were perched on the side of the hill enjoying the breeze as we watched the scrimmage. We watched all four quarterbacks take snaps and observed the defense running drills as well. What a treat to see D.J. Shockley, Keith Brooking, Matt Ryan and lots of others. The bookworm and the baseball baron got lots of autographs -- but I think the Diva got more than anyone!
It was funny to see how small the kickers were compared to the defensive linemen---you see the difference on TV but it really shows up in person. They had several activites for the kids and it proved to be a well-thought out opportunity for the fans.
Let's just hope they give us something to cheer about this season!

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Belle-ah said...

All I can say is having that having dd's 6'8" boyfriend around here kind of made me not feel like they were that big!!!! I guess you get used to a giant around.